Sumner County, KS
Darren Chambers, Sheriff
Detentions Division

Sumner County Sheriff's Office
610 E. Hillside
Wellington, KS 67152
The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office operates
the Detention Facility located at 610 E. Hillside,
Wellington, Kansas, 67152. The facility is open
24 hours a day, seven days a week, however
not all services are available all hours. The
Sumner County Detention Facility holds only
adult persons.  

We are located on the north end of Wellington
just east of U.S. 81 Highway on Hillside.  If you
are coming from the turnpike come west on U.S.
160 (10th Ave) past the first stop light to the
roundabout, bear right going north U.S. 81 (A
street) for approximately one mile to Hillside.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information on who is in the facility and what they are charged with call 620-326-8943,
Extension 0. The deputy who answers the telephone will be able to give bond amounts and basic
information on how to gain the release of inmates. It can take two or three hours from the time the
inmate is accepted into the facility before fingerprints and a mug shot are taken. Inmates cannot be
released until these two things occur. The amount of time that is required varies with the number of
persons arrested and the cooperation of each inmate. Please call before you go to the facility.

If a person held in the facility requires a bail bondsman to post bond, it is the responsibility of
the inmate or their family or friends to select the person or company to write the bond. Detention staff
is not allowed to recommend any person or company.  

Cash Only Bonds — Cash bonds are accepted for the full amount of the bond.    The receipt will be
given to the inmate along with a copy of the cash bond. The cash posted may be subject to court
costs and fines, at the discretion of the courts.  

Impounded vehicles — Please contact the arresting agency for information on how and where to
pickup an impounded vehicle.  

Money and personal items for inmates— Cash may be deposited into the inmates commissary
account.  Approved paperback books may be mailed by the subscriber to your loved one and then
are donated to the inmate library.  No other items will be accepted without the approval of the Watch
Commander and only when strict guidelines are met.

Medical/Dental Co-Pay Program — Every inmate will be provided medical care from the time of
admission throughout their period of incarceration. Inmates who are seen by medical staff may be
charged a co-pay fee. No inmate will be denied medical care because of an inability to pay. Inmates,
who are given a prescription by medical staff, may be charged a fee for that prescription. No inmate
will be denied approved prescription drugs because of inability to pay.

Release of property — Personal property will only be released once. The inmate must contact the
deputy and a form will be created. The person picking up the property must have a picture ID. It is
the inmate’s decision if and to whom his/her property will be released. If during the intake process an
inmate refuses to sign for their personal property, the arresting agency will retain the property.
Release of inmate money — May be done one time with the inmates approval.  A photo I.D. is
required for the release of any funds/property.

Telephone Calls — Out-going telephone calls will be made collect, or with a purchase of phone time
which is available through the commissary.

Family Visitation —     Visitors must produce a valid government issued ID such as: Driver’s License
(DL), state ID card, passport or Military ID for identity verification.   All visitors are subject to search
by detention staff and they must be on the inmate’s visitation list prior to visit.  Inmates ONLY are
allowed to choose who is placed on their visitation list.  
If a visitor is disruptive or not properly dressed, visitation may be stopped or refused. If there are
papers or a payroll check that requires an inmate’s signature, the items may be brought to the facility
on the inmate’s visitation day. The items will be signed and returned to the person bringing the item
to the facility.  
Male Visitation:  Saturdays and Sundays: 8-11 am. and 6-9 pm on both days
Female Visitation: Saturdays and Sundays: 1-4 pm and on Monday 6-9 pm

Inmate Mail — All mail should be addressed to the inmate at 610 E. Hillside, Wellington, Ks. 67152
All mail must be properly addressed with identification information to clearly identify the inmate in
custody. Mail will be returned to sender if information is insufficient to reasonably determine the
identity of the inmate for whom it is intended.

Cashiers checks, cash and money orders are not accepted through the mail. Mail containing these
items will be returned to sender.  (Money orders are acceptable).

Mail that is addressed to inmates who are no longer in custody will be stamped "Return to Sender "
and returned. Mail containing unacceptable items or contraband will be returned with a note of

All non-privileged mail will be opened and checked for contraband prior to delivery to inmate.
Privileged mail (legal mail) must have official markings on the outside of the envelope and will be
opened in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband but will not be censored.
Packages mailed to inmates will not be accepted, but will be returned to sender unopened.
Contraband items listed below will not be distributed to the inmate if received through the mail.
lipstick, books or photocopies of books, puzzles, calendars, glitter, adhesive tape, aerosol cans,
aluminum cans or foil, bar soap, batteries, cigarettes/lights/matches, cosmetics, hair products,
medical products (unless approved by the duty Watch Commander), hygiene items, excessive scent
of perfumes, credit card, ID cards, keys, jewelry, nude, partially nude or nude photos of men, women
or children, pens, pencils, marking pens, art supplies, records or tapes, electronic equipment
devices, musical greeting cards, playing cards, games, plastic bags, wrap, wire, metal, plastic
objects, string, twine, plastic line, correspondence to an inmate other than addressee, narcotics,
intoxicating beverage and drugs, weapons or plans for their manufacture, perishable goods (food or
beverage), items not included on the list of authorized possession issued to inmates or purchased
through commissary, any item that threatens safety, security, or good order of the facility, issued
items that have been altered, money, Polaroid photographs. Other items not listed may also be
excluded from distribution if they are considered a security risk.  Paperback books are accepted if
the book is mailed to the inmate by the publisher or subscriber.

“Bubble Wrap” packaging is not allowed and will be marked and returned to sender..

Sumner County Work Release —    A court order is required to place an inmate on the program.
Because of limited bed space a “waiting list” is maintained for inmates sentenced to the program. A
fee up to $20.00 per day is “charged to all inmates in the program.”

Release of information — Once an inmate is released from the facility, no information may be

Questions or difficulties — If you have a question or difficulty with the staff of the facility, please
ask to speak to a supervisor.

The Sumner County Detention Facility is a PREA Compliant Facility. PREA stands for Prison
Rape Elimination Act.

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the National Prison Elimination Act by
indicating a zero tolerance from any violation of this act.  To provide for the safety and
security of inmates in the custody of the Detention Facility as well as for others present in
the Facility.

Our PREA policy affects any Employee, Inmate, Visitor, Contractor, Volunteer and any other
who may have contact with another within the Detention Facility.
Lt. Andrew Yoder, Jail Supervisor